Windows 11 Update In 2024: New Features - Version 24H2

Windows 11 Update In 2024: Amazing New And Latest Features - Version 24H2

Discover the latest new features of the Microsoft Windows 11 update (Version 24H2) to be launched in 2024, uncover the mystery, know the details here

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Microsoft is gearing up for a major update to its operating system with the release of Windows 11 version 24H2. Codenamed Hudson Valley, this update is anticipated to bring substantial improvements, enhanced security, and exciting new features. Scheduled for a potential September release, version 24H2 is set to redefine the Windows experience, particularly with a strong focus on next-generation AI capabilities.

Next-Gen AI PCs and the Rumors

Unlike its predecessor, version 24H2 is expected to be a comprehensive overhaul of the Windows platform. Rumors are circulating about the integration of a cutting-edge Copilot that leverages AI and machine learning to boost productivity across various applications and searches. While some speculations hint at the possibility of naming it "Windows 12," Microsoft insiders indicate it will likely remain a significant Windows 11 update.

Development Timeline and AI-Centric Approach

Testing is currently underway in the Insider Canary Channel, revealing some features that will make their way into the final release. Microsoft aims to sign off on the new Windows platform release, code-named Germanium, in April, paving the way for the finalization of version 24H2. The update is anticipated to ship with next-gen AI PCs in June, with a general release for existing Windows 11 users expected in September.

Microsoft Copilot Enhancements

With version 24H2, Microsoft plans to enhance the Copilot for Windows further. Notable changes include relocating the Copilot button to the far right corner of the Taskbar, offering easier accessibility. The Settings app will also feature a dedicated "Copilot in Windows" option, allowing users to enable or disable the Copilot UI and configure additional settings.

AI-Powered Snap Layouts and File Explorer

Microsoft continues to improve Snap Layouts by introducing machine learning to suggest commonly snapped apps automatically. Version 24H2 will bring advancements to File Explorer, allowing users to create 7zip and TAR compressed archive files, complementing the existing ZIP file support. Additionally, PNG files will now support viewing and editing metadata.

Quick Settings Panel and Phone Link Enhancements

The Quick Settings panel on the Windows taskbar undergoes changes, with a paginated interface for scrolling through settings and a refreshed Wi-Fi list. Microsoft is also set to improve Phone Link on Windows, introducing the ability to use a linked phone as a webcam.

Energy Saver Mode and Power Controls

A notable addition in version 24H2 is the introduction of an "Energy Saver" mode, applicable to both PCs with batteries and those without. This mode aims to reduce energy consumption and extend battery life. More power controls are integrated into the modern Settings app, allowing users to configure lid and power button settings conveniently.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

In a bid to streamline user experiences, Microsoft is testing a new "Install drivers" button during the out-of-box experience and removing built-in apps like Cortana, Mail, Calendar, Maps, People, and Movies & TV from the default installation. The Taskbar receives visual enhancements, including a Wi-Fi icon animation and a shortcut for diagnosing network problems.


Windows 11 version 24H2 promises a blend of performance improvements, advanced AI features, and enhanced user experiences. With a potential release in September 2024, this update marks a significant step forward for Microsoft, aligning with the era of next-gen AI PCs and reaffirming its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to users worldwide. Stay tuned for further updates as more features are unveiled in the coming months.

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