Google Rolls Out 'Photo Stacks' In Google Photos

Google Photos Gets Tidier with "Photo Stacks" Rolling Out Now!

Tired of scrolling through endless duplicates in your Google Photos library? The wait is over! Google's nifty "Photo Stacks" feature is finally rolling out to Android users, following its earlier debut on iOS.

What are Photo Stacks?

Imagine your photo library, transformed. Photo Stacks automatically identifies and groups similar photos, taken close together (up to 100!), into convenient, clutter-free bundles. Say goodbye to duplicate selfies and blurry action shots hogging your precious phone space!

Discover Google's new rollout 'Photo Stacks' in Google Photos. Find out and learn its uses, how it works, and its benefits.

Unlocking Photo Stacks

No app update needed – Photo Stacks arrives as a server-side update. However, updating to the latest Google Photos version (6.67.0) ensures you have all the shiny new features. Keep an eye out for a pop-up notification announcing Photo Stacks' arrival. Once it's here, simply head to Photos settings > Preferences > Stack similar photos to activate it.

How it Works:

Backup is Key: Photo Stacks only work with backed-up photos, so locally stored images won't join the party.

Similar Faces, Similar Stacks: Photos containing similar subjects or scenes, like group selfies or landscapes, are grouped together.

Top Picks, Your Choice: Each stack displays a "top pick" – the best shot in the bunch, chosen by Google's AI smarts. You can always change the top pick or even unstack the group if you prefer.

Benefits Galore:

Declutter Your Library: Photo Stacks are a space-saving dream, making your photo library leaner and meaner.

Find Photos Faster: Grouped photos are easier to browse and navigate, saving you precious time when searching for memories.

Relive Moments, Not Duplicates: Focus on the unique shots, not the blurry repeats, and rediscover the magic in your captured moments.

Photo Stacks are just the beginning! Google Photos is constantly evolving, bringing new ways to organize and relive your memories. So, update your app, activate Photo Stacks, and experience a tidier, more joyful photo library!

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