OpenAI Opens GPT Store For Customized Versions Of ChatGPT

OpenAI opens GPT Store, a place where you can buy customized versions of ChatGPT

OpenAI, the leading AI research lab, has introduced a new feature that allows users to customize their ChatGPT experience. The GPT Store is a digital storefront where users can purchase customized versions of ChatGPT to suit their specific needs and requirements.

Customizing ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a virtual Jack of all trades, can now be tailored to become a jack of one trade. Users can customize ChatGPT using Custom Instructions, which allows them to provide context about themselves and their purpose for using the platform. This context is then used by ChatGPT to generate content based on the user’s needs.

Discover how to get and use custom versions of ChatGPT from OPenAI's New GPT Store For Customized Versions Of ChatGPT, as per your requirements

The OpenAI GPT Store

The OpenAI GPT Store, announced this Wednesday, is a marketplace for different versions of ChatGPT. It’s akin to an app store for AI chatbots, with versions customized for various tasks such as generating stories, teaching coding methods, analyzing text, scanning PDF files, and more.

Variety of GPTs

Currently, the GPT Store offers dozens of GPTs, categorized into areas like image generation, writing, productivity, research analysis, programming, education, lifestyle, and others. Many of these GPTs have been crafted by the ChatGPT team at OpenAI.

User-Created GPTs

The GPT Store is not just a marketplace but also a platform for creators. Users who have built their own GPTs can post them to the store. OpenAI plans to launch a GPT Builder Revenue program, allowing creators to earn from the GPTs they’ve built. Initially, this program will be available only for users in the U.S.

Who Can Buy GPTs?

Access to the GPT Store requires a ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, or Team subscription. Users on the free plan will not be able to access the GPTs. Subscribers can explore the GPT Store and purchase GPTs of interest, which can then be accessed directly from the ChatGPT screen.

In conclusion, the introduction of the GPT Store marks a significant step in the evolution of AI chatbots, offering users a more personalized and versatile ChatGPT experience.

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