Microsoft To Make A Video Copyright-Identifying App

Microsoft Eyes AI-Powered Copyright Shield: Will a "Shazam for Videos" Rise?

Hold onto your copyrights hats, creators! Microsoft could be brewing a major game-changer for video copyright protection. A recent patent reveals a potential app, like Shazam for videos, that could identify unauthorized use of copyrighted content with remarkable ease.

Discover Microsoft's plans to make a video copyright-identifying app, the app's methods of working and its future

Why the Buzz?

Imagine an app that scans videos like Shazam scans music, instantly flashing red flags for copyright infringement. That's the vision behind Microsoft's patent, targeting both content creators and broadcasters struggling to identify stolen work.

How Would it Work?

Two scenarios play out:

Direct Comparison: Users upload a "target video" (suspected of infringement) and a "reference video" (original copyrighted work). The app then analyzes the target video for:

Identical shot sequences: Does the target video contain all the shots from the reference video?

Matching shot clusters: Are there groups of shots present in both videos?

Sequential alignment: Do the shots in the target video appear in the same order as the reference video?

Database Search: For situations without a reference video, the app taps into a pre-existing database of videos built from sources like Google and Bing. This allows it to compare the target video against countless known works, potentially uncovering hidden infringements.

What's Next?

While the app's future remains shrouded in a Microsoft cloud, the possibilities are intriguing. It could emerge as a standalone app, integrate with existing Microsoft products like Copilot, or even evolve into a powerful online platform.

But hold your horses, content creators! A patent doesn't guarantee a public release. However, it signifies Microsoft's growing interest in safeguarding digital creativity, which bodes well for a future where copyright protection might just be a Shazam scan away.

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