Google To Remove 20 Features Of Google Assistant In Jan 2024

To Streamline Streamline Google Assistant: Google To Remove 20 Features Of Google Assistant In Jan 2024 - 20 Features Out, Improved Reliability In?

Big changes are coming to Google Assistant! Starting January 26, 2024, nearly 20 features will be removed by Google, but Google promises this is for a good reason: boosting reliability and quality. Let's dive into what's going away, how you'll do those tasks now, and what this might mean for the future of Assistant.

Discover the features that Google will remove from your Google Assistant In January 2024, unveil all the details, and also find the alternatives here
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Saying Goodbye to Some Familiar Commands of Google Assistant:

Audiobooks: Cast them from your phone, but voice control is kaput.

Media Alarms: Use custom routines or standard alarms instead.

Cookbooks & Recipes: Search the web or YouTube, but no more hands-free recipe management.

Stopwatches: Set timers and alarms, but no more voice-controlled laps.

Family Calls & Broadcasts: Broadcast to devices, but no more voice-activated family calls or messages.

Email & Messaging: Stick to calls and texts for voice communication.

Calendar Rescheduling: Schedule new events, but voice-editing existing ones is out.

Driving Mode App Launcher: Voice control for messages, calls, and media is still there on Google Maps.

Family Bell & Meditation: Create custom routines or use media providers like YouTube.

Fitbit Activities: Use the buttons, voice control is gone (except on Pixel Watches).

Sleep Summaries: Only on Google Smart Displays now, ask for details on third-party clocks.

Caller ID on Speakers & Displays: Only works with Duo calls.

Commute Time Estimates: Ask for voice commute times and directions.

Travel Itineraries: Ask for flight status instead.

Contact Information: Make calls directly, no more voice-powered info retrieval.

Payments, Reservations, & Social Media: The Assistant can still open your apps for these tasks.

Finding Your Way Around:

"Hey Google" and power button shortcuts are still your friends


The microphone button in the Google search bar now triggers voice search, not Assistant.

On Pixel phones, Assistant takes a backseat in the search bar.

iOS users, stick to the dedicated Assistant app.

Why the Google Assistant Removals By Google?

Google says it's all about focusing on what works best and making Assistant more reliable. Fewer features could mean fewer misunderstandings and faster responses. However, some worry about losing the functionality they rely on.

The Assistant of the Future?

Could these changes be paving the way for Assistant with Bard, the LLM-powered version Google teased? It might understand your phone better, generate text based on your screen, and answer contextual questions.

What Does This Mean for You?

Adapt to the new ways of doing things, and let Google know your thoughts! Use "Hey Google, send feedback" to voice your concerns or appreciation. Remember, this is just the beginning of the Assistant's next chapter.

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