Google Chrome: New Generative AI Features

Google Chrome's Amazing New Generative AI Features For You

Google Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, is constantly evolving with new and innovative features. The latest addition to its arsenal is a set of generative AI features, designed to streamline user experience and bring the power of AI to every user.

Google’s Generative AI Rollout

Google announced that these new generative AI features will be rolling out over the next few days. As with any Google rollout, availability will expand as the days progress. Initially, these features will be available in the U.S. market, with other markets following suit.

Discover the new and latest features of Google Chrome Generative AI, and learn how to use those new features for amazing benefits and advantages

Google Chrome Generative AI Tab Organizer

One of the new features is the Tab Organizer. Chrome users have long been able to create tab groups, but selecting which tabs to organize can be time-consuming and tedious. The Tab Organizer simplifies this process by automatically organizing tabs based on the types of pages open.

Users simply right-click on a tab they want to add to a group and select “Organize similar tabs”. Chrome then analyzes all open tabs and suggests tab groups. Once a suggestion is selected, Chrome automatically creates that group and places all the relevant tabs under it.

Generative AI Themes

Another exciting feature is the introduction of generative AI themes. This feature, which was first introduced with Android 14, allows users to create their own Chrome themes using generative AI.

Users can access this feature by going to the side panel and clicking on the “Change theme” button, followed by the “Create with AI” button. They can then type in their desired theme, and Google will generate a corresponding background and color scheme. This feature complements the existing ability to upload personal photos for themes and use pre-made themes from the Chrome Store.

Help Me Write for General Text Boxes

The “Help me write” feature, familiar to users of Google Docs and Gmail, will be coming to Chrome in the next update. This feature assists users in articulating their thoughts in text fields, whether for social media posts, emails, reviews, or forum posts.

To use this feature, users simply right-click on a text field, select the “Help me write” option, and start typing. The AI will then assist in crafting the text.

At present, these features are primarily for personal use, and may not be available to enterprise and educational accounts.

These new generative AI features in Google Chrome demonstrate Google’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance user experience, making browsing more efficient and personalized.

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