High Court Upholds €60,000 Damages Award for Child

High Court Upholds €60,000 Damages Award for Child

High Court Upholds €60,000 Judgment in Landmark Child Injury Case

In a groundbreaking ruling, the High Court of Ireland has affirmed a €60,000 damages award for a child who suffered facial injuries due to negligence. Despite challenges to the amount, the court emphasized the child's ongoing pain and suffering. This case sheds light on the intricacies of personal injury claims, especially those involving minors.


A young child sustained significant facial injuries due to another party's negligence. The child's guardian, her mother, filed a personal injury claim seeking damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and future needs. The court-appointed medical assessor valued the damages at €60,000. However, the mother contested the assessment, claiming it did not adequately compensate for the severity of the injuries.

Court's Decision:

The High Court acknowledged the child's substantial physical and psychological trauma, considering the enduring pain and likely long-term effects. Despite objections, the court upheld the €60,000 damages, deeming it fair and consistent with similar cases involving comparable injuries.

Significance of the Case:

This case establishes a crucial precedent for personal injury claims involving children, emphasizing the importance of considering each child's unique circumstances. It underscores the necessity of expert medical assessments in determining damages and highlights the lasting impact of injuries on a child's life.

Legal Implications:

The ruling has legal implications for personal injury claims with minors. Courts are urged to adopt a child-centered approach, prioritizing their best interests and comprehensively assessing both physical and psychological injuries. Expert medical assessments play a pivotal role in informing the court's damages award, offering valuable insights into the nature and severity of a child's injuries.

The case also emphasizes the need for a thorough consideration of a child's future medical needs in damages assessments. Ongoing medical care and treatment for injuries should be carefully factored in.


The High Court's decision, in this case, serves as an important poignant reminder of the importance of compassionate consideration in personal injury claims involving children. Courts must prioritize the well-being of the child, ensuring that damages awarded adequately reflect the enduring impact of their injuries. The ruling sets a precedent for a child-centric approach, reinforcing the role of expert medical assessments and comprehensive consideration of future medical needs in personal injury claims.

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