Teleperformance Multinational Company (MNC - BPO) PF Scam Exposed: Shocking Revelations

Teleperformance Multinational Company (MNC - BPO) PF Scam Exposed

A recent scandal has rocked the Indian business landscape, shedding light on the deceptive practices employed by multinational companies (MNCs). Among them, Teleperformance, a prominent MNC operating Business Performance Outsourcing (BPO) Centers across India, including Mumbai, stands accused of defrauding its employees. This exposé highlights the perplexing and bursty tactics employed by such companies, causing significant hardships for their workforce.

Teleperformance MNC PF Scam Exposed - Shocking Revelations

Unearthing the PF Scam:

Recent investigations have brought to the surface a disturbing reality: MNCs operating in India, including Teleperformance, subject their employees, past and present, to an arduous process when it comes to accessing their rightfully earned Provident Fund (PF). These companies resort to various manipulative techniques, burdening their workforce with unnecessary hurdles.

Deceptive Strategies:

Let's delve into the common methods employed by these MNCs in India:

Endless Document Submission: Employees and former employees are coerced into submitting their documents repeatedly, creating a seemingly never-ending cycle.

Ever-changing Executives: Each time a different executive from the employer MNC contacts the employee, they demand a fresh start, forcing the individual to provide comprehensive details repeatedly.

Missing Information Ploy: MNC executives demand the resubmission of documents if Aadhar Numbers or Pan Card Numbers are not visible on the copies previously sent.

Hard Copy Requirements: Employees are asked to submit physical copies of their Aadhar Number or PAN card, adding an additional layer of inconvenience.

Partial Updating: Some MNC executives deliberately update only a portion of employee details on the EPFO Portal, withholding the transfer of the entire Provident Fund to the employees' PF accounts for several years.

It is crucial to acknowledge that there might be numerous other undisclosed methods employed by these MNCs to exploit their Indian employees on a large scale.

The Wider Scope of Deception:

Considering the operational patterns of these MNCs, it is reasonable to suspect that many other multinational companies might be involved in similar deceitful practices in India, victimizing their former employees.

Teleperformance MNC PF Scam Exposed - Shocking Revelations

Exposing the Teleperformance Multinational Company (MNC - BPO) PF Scam:

In this specific case, we promptly brought our findings to the attention of Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Esteemed Minister for Corporate Affairs. We have not only urged immediate action against Teleperformance but have also advocated for a comprehensive high-level investigation into other potential MNCs operating in India.


This scandal serves as a wake-up call not only for the Indian government but also for the ambitious younger generation in India, aspiring to work for esteemed multinational companies (MNCs). Implementing stringent measures to safeguard employee rights and deter exploitative practices is crucial. Let this exposé be a reminder of the significance of transparency, integrity, and accountability within the corporate world, promoting a fair and just work environment for all employees.

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